Veteran B.S.N. Students Celebrate with Alumni, Faculty and Staff at Veterans Day Lunch

November 29, 2022

Veteran B.S.N. Students at Veterans Day Lunch

At GW Nursing, we have made a welcoming home for veterans who are passionate about continuing to serve their communities. Throughout a celebratory Veterans Day lunch at Innovation Hall, the theme came up again and again. Students spoke of their military service and how those experiences shaped their lives. Some students mentioned trying to forge a path in other careers, but found their way to nursing because it allowed them to continue to serve and to have a career with purpose, where they could help those in need. As students, alumni, faculty, and staff ate and mingled, there was a feeling of camaraderie and gratitude.

The lunch event, which was live streamed on the school's Facebook page, included guest speakers Dr. Andy Sonn, director of GW's Office of Military and Veteran Services; Associate Professor Dr. Catherine Cox (Navy), who is the Veteran B.S.N. initiatives coordinator; V.B.S.N. alumna Diamond Alexander (Navy); and Assistant Dean of Student Affairs Dr. Mike Williams (Marines).

The veteran community at GW Nursing is exceptional, and worthy of celebrating all year long. Whether our students are Conway Transitioning Warrior Nursing Scholars, GW Hospital Women's Board scholarship recipients, or making their way through the program with their Yellow Ribbon benefits, they bring with them a passion for service, a dedication to each other and their communities, and a desire to be the best nurses they can be. Happy Veterans Day to our students, alumni, faculty and staff who served and continue to serve. Raise High!