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With as many students and faculty active in education, practice, policy and research as we have at GW Nursing, it can be difficult to capture all of their stories. These are just some examples of the work going on here — work done by dedicated students and top-tier faculty alike — that help this school continue to grow and flourish.

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Deborah Trautman to Deliver Graduation Keynote Address

04/23/2019 17:16

Dr. Deborah Trautman will deliver the keynote address to the graduates and family assembled at this year’s GW Nursing graduation ceremony May 16.

A New Advocate for Geriatric Nursing at GW Aging Center

04/23/2019 17:06

“I like to eat” may be an unusual entry point for a discussion in gerontological health care, but for Melissa Batchelor-Murphy it makes perfect sense. 

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